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 2018 - Picnic Hill Records.  Although this duo has been out for a bit, this is our first introduction to their music.  Chad Warrix and David Tolliver, who makes up Halfway To Hazard, are your typical progressive band that you hear in today’s country music.  So much so, that this reviewer cannot hear any unconventional sound from them.  This ten-cut album is quite disorganized when it comes to music styles.  On one hand the boys do their best to perform in a more traditional country sense, then they introduce the more modern synthetic sound to create a hodgepodge of music.  A perfect example to back this up can be found in their song “American Outlaw.” “Meet Me In Vegas,” is a ballad that contains a stylish story within the lyrics, nonetheless the melody is an insult.  Another song that comes to the forefront is “Breaking Me;” which consists of an intro that is very similar to Fleetwood Mac’s song “Dreams.”  Although this album is monotonous as it sounds like every other album released in today’s country, I do hear a bit of prospect within the traditional country side of their music.  I do hope that they seek more of this conventional side as they continue to develop their own personal style. Then again, we have heard this same style in nearly every country album recently released.  Perhaps, country music has gone the way of repetitiveness and uncreative artists.  If you enjoy this dull and tiresome music, then this album is for you.  As for me, I would rather listen to music that possesses heart, soul and sustenance. $$


(This review was printed in the May / June 2018 Issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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