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Real music is a spiritual medium…

- Lacy J. Dalton


By: Gina Kay Singerhouse



   In the silence of the early morn, she awakes.  It is 5:00 A.M. and she really doesn’t have to be up until seven.  Nonetheless, she rises to face the dawn of the new day.  It is only at this time, of the day, that she can find some of the peace that her soul longs for.

   The sleep still resides within her eyes as she walks outside with her cup of steaming hot coffee.  The crickets, frogs and other creatures of the night still play their songs, creating a symphony called Mother Nature. It is this song, that soothes her soul.

   The lawn looks like a field of diamonds as the sun reflects off the morning dew that covers the blades of green grass.  The symphony slowly gives way to the sounds of mankind waking to start their day.  If only...if only she could silence the noise made by humans, perhaps it would offer her aching soul the much-needed relief it seeks.

  Another morning gone and her soul suffers with hunger.  She is hungry to return to a place she once knew.  A place where her soul longs to belong. 

   A cleansing walk through the wood at the local state park helps lessen this burden that she bares, but only for a short time.  A couple of days on the north shore will ease the weight that she carries, but for a limited time.

   The place she longs for has no time.  It is free for Mother Nature to take over as humankind has yet to dig its devastating claws into it.  The land is natural, honest and pure as it brings peace to those who visit it. Pain does not exist, here at this location. Only calm and serenity is found here. The love and light that her soul so desperately seeks resides upon this place.  If only she could remember where it is… This, the last wild place.

   In 2006, Country Music Legend Lacy J. Dalton recorded her latest album The Last Wild Place Anthology.  The album features a beautiful, artistically defined collection of seventeen songs that speak from the core of Lacy’s heart and soul.

   “I am so happy that it is finally getting noticed!” tells Lacy J. Dalton.  “We didn’t have the means to distribute it properly and advertise it properly.  We didn’t know how and we didn’t have the right people to do it. At my shows it just keeps selling, and selling, and selling and it stands up!”

   Known for her gritty powerful vocals, this project includes five of the songs that made Lacy a household name back in the 1980’s.  Among these songs, you will find her ever-popular 1989 hit song “Black Coffee.” She has also included her 1982 hit “16th Avenue,” as well as her 1981 hit songs “Everybody Makes Mistakes” and “Takin’ It Easy.” The album also consists of her first single from 1979 with “Crazy Blue Eyes.”

   Nonetheless, the remaining twelve new songs are quite intriguing with their soul searching and healing resonance. 

   “Almost every song was chosen to, to give people hope.” humbly shares Ms. Dalton. “I know that this earth...

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