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Can’t Be Denied

Mark Wayne Glasmire


 2018 - Traceway Records.  This is not our first introduction to Mark; in fact, this is the third project we have reviewed on this potential entertainer.  I’m not impressed.  Mark’s vocals are synonymous of Lee Greenwood’s; and unlike Lee’s, Mark’s are quite limited when it comes to range.  However, that is why I am not impressed.  This project contains twelve songs that Mark ‘claims’ that he wrote or co-wrote.  Nonetheless, when I listen to these twelve songs, my brain recognizes several previously well-known melodies.  The perfect example is found in Mark’s song “Those Nights.”  In this song, my subconscious recognizes several melodies including one from Michal Martin Murphy’s hit song “Wildfire” mixed with a popular classic rock melody.  In today’s music, there are considerable amount of songwriters who will ‘borrow’ melodies from previously recorded prominent songs.  They hide their act of piracy by slightly altering the stolen melody.  Some well known entertainers will pilfer a song and change vital elements such as the title and a few lyric to claim it as one of their own original songs.  I cannot confirm that this is the case with this project; nonetheless, what I have discovered is that there are excessive similarities.  This makes me question the validity of this project.  I am not about to waste any more of my time with this project to prove my affirmation; therefore, I leave it up to you.  I cannot honestly rate this album in any way.


(This review was printed in the November / December 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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