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 Holidays Ain’t The Same

Memphis Ukulele Band


 2018 - Memphis International Records.  Never judge an instrument by its name!  I am surprised at the vast artistry found in this seven-cut album.  MUB, really captures the heart and soul found within each song and brings it forward with the use of the simple ukulele mixed with their passionate vocals.  The band includes several timeless classics like the 1963 Carla Thomas hit “Gee Whiz It’s Christmas,” “Blue Christmas” made famous by Elvis Presley, “Merry Christmas Baby” recorded by 1947 by The Three Blazers, Bing Crosby’s 1949 song “Mele Kalikimaka,” and “When The River Meets The Sea” originally recorded in 1977 by Jim Henson’s Muppets and later by John Denver.  Nonetheless, the two remaining songs truly stand out.  The band performs a new song written by producer Halley Phillips with “Merry Christmas Broken Hearts.” This beautiful heartfelt ballad gives new hope to those who have to endure a broken heart during the holiday season.  This song will hit our list of Top Songs of 2018, while earning a nomination in the Spirit Awards.  The second song is the title track, which really does nothing for me with its lack of lyrical flow.  Overall, this is a wonderful and unique addition to any Christmas musical collection! This project inspires me to seek more from this band! $$$$

(This review was printed in the November / December 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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Memphis Ukulele Band - Holiday's Ain't The Same

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