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Life is a tapestry of stories…

Music delivers us home to those stories…


 By: Gina Kay Singerhouse



    In the silence of the early morn, she walks through her house while gathering what she needs for her journey.  It is a small, but modest house and she has taken the necessary steps to make it her own.  Her companion, a puppy who has grown to become her best friend, follows her every step.  Her dog is eager to join her on this trip.

   There is one room, of her house, that she is especially proud of.  In the early morning, the sun casts a golden and gentle ray through the window adorned with sheer curtains to add a sense of warmth to this already humble space.  This is the one area of the house that she had spent the most time decorating.  Each piece of décor was carefully chosen to bring a tenderness and hospitality to her family room.

   The family room is the one place where friends and family gather to enjoy each other’s company.  With her family miles away, she has brought them here with pictures.  The walls, tables and bookshelves are adorned with various photographs of her family, many of which go back several generations.  The sensation of her ancestors is felt every time she enters this room.  It’s as if they gather to welcome her home.

   As she assembles the remainder of what she will need for her journey, she takes one last look into her family room...although she is heading back to her childhood home, in more ways than others, she is returning home...

   For legendary Country Music entertainer Sylvia, home and family are the most important elements in her life.

   Sylvia hit the country music scene in 1979 when she released her first single “You Don’t Miss A Thing.” A year later, she gained national attention with her song “Tumbleweed.”  She followed that up with “Drifter” which was released in 1981.  In 1982, Sylvia released her signature song “Nobody,” which earned her worldwide attention as well as making her a cross over artist into Adult Contemporary and Pop music.  Her musical career would continue with other notable songs until the end of the 1980s when she decided to stop touring and recording.   This decision allowed Sylvia to go deep within to emerge as a prolific songwriter.

   Today, Sylvia returns home to the music that made her, with her new album called Second Bloom: The Hits Re - Imagined.

  “It was even more fun than I imagined it would be. When John [Mock] and I first started talking about doing it, we said ‘yeah it’s a good idea. We’ve put this record out, All In the Family, it felt like I was kind of hopping back and forth when I would do a show.  It’s like let’s go back to the 80s...yet I wasn’t performing these songs like I...

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