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God Holds Tomorrow

The Churchmen


2017 - Mountain Fever Records.  For our first introduction to this band, this is quite pleasing.  The Churchmen are made up of five talented musicians with Carroll Arnn adding his additional songwriting skills.  The men encompass tight harmonies with a bit of a variety in many of the melodies.  Each member takes the reigns as lead vocals, which brings an extra knack of expertise to the project.  Although the album contains twelve contemporary songs, there are several that deliver a more traditional message.  A perfect example is found in “The Good Samaritan;” the core of the song is taken from the related story in the Bible, but has a touch of present-day within.  Banjo player, Carroll Arnn, penned four songs including “He Would Have Loved Me Anyway,” “All Over Me,” “Time To Give Our Country Back To God,” and “It Works For Me.” Out of the twelve songs on this album, “It Works For Me,” is the most memorable with its gentle melody that enhance a story of reminiscing of pure and simple times.  This song may end up on our list of Top Songs of 2019, while earning a nomination for the Spirit Award’s Song of The Year Award. Other songs include “No Tears In Heaven,” “Follow Me,” “Bad News For The Devil,” and “God Holds Tomorrow;” to name a few. At times I find reviewing Gospel albums difficult, due to their preaching mentality.  This album integrates the light hearted spiritual aspect with some of the songs and then preaches with the remaining tunes, which brings an all around compromise to those who enjoy Gospel music.  If you enjoy present-day Gospel as well as Bluegrass music, then you will certainly enjoy this album.  Although their name emits Christian doctrine, I would love to hear this band perform dissimilar Bluegrass numbers.  With the skills they show here, I believe that they can accomplish other tunes. $$$$


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The Churchmen - God Holds Tomorrow

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