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Judds - VHS "Love Can Build A Bridge"

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"Love Can Build A Bridge" is the foundation which The Judds, Naomi and Wynonna, have been building their lives and music on for years. With this love and dedication in mind, The Judds and a special group of gifted film makers spent sixteen months creating the world's first Three Dimensional Music Video, "Love Can Build A Bridge."

Follow The Judds as they pack up cameras, guitars, their crew, assorted friends and loved ones and set off to Sedona, Arizona to shoot their 3D video. This videocassette also contains interviews and scenes from their last tour together as The Judds. Songs featured: "This Country's Rockin'," "Born To Be Blue," "Rompin' Stompin' Blues," "Guardian Angel," and "Love Can Build A Bridge."

As a special gift to her fans, Naomi shares video moments from her recent wedding. Be a part of the Judd family as you: walk down the aisle with Naomi; listen as Wynonna sings her mother a special song; dance at the reception; and sit with the family for pictures.

Comes with two pairs of Judd's 3D glasses.

This vhs is sold used, in good contidtion, as is.

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