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Week four…

March 25, 2017


It has been twenty-five days since I have written a new entry into this blog.  Why so long, you might ask?  Well, because no one reads it so why should I write it?  Why should Strictly Country host this contest?  Why should any man or woman write, sing, perform and or record any more?  No one is listening…


Nearly one hundred years ago, people once listened.  People once read, talked, conversed, sang and even performed.  People were creative, not because they wanted to be; but because they had to be. 


One hundred years ago, there was no internet to surf.  Television had not been invented yet, nonetheless the movies were available – but not around the clock.  Radio played programs that were filled with news and stories that were acted out by various people who had to create their own sound effects.


People entertained themselves with various musical instruments.  Some of these instruments are considered crude by today’s standards.  An upside down wash bin became a drum, while a washboard created another magical sound.  Guitars were made with a simple cigar box, a branch and a few strings.


Times were tough, but if you had the ability to look within each person’s soul back then – well you would have seen pure joy!  Today we have everything at our disposal, but joy and happiness.


Why is this?


Because we have lost touch with reality, true reality…


The true reality is the fact that our minds, bodies and souls require creativity.  Our souls require the moment when you submerse yourself into a song, a book, a painting.  Our souls act upon submersion.  Our souls long for it, they hunger for it, they require it. 


Can you honestly remember the last time you submersed yourself within a song?

I can.  Last year I had heard one of the most beautiful songs that I had ever heard in my entire life, let alone my career.  It was a song that I happened to come upon.  It was not performed by some Top 10 entertainer, it did not come from some new entertainer either and I sure as hell did not uncover it from a legendary entertainer either.  It was a song provided by someone whom I had lost touch with… Mother Nature.


Each night I walk out into my yard and give thanks for the day that I had.  No matter what kind of day I had, good or bad, I have come to practice giving thanks for that day.  I believe that it was in July or August, I can not remember and don’t bother to remember which day it was because the date is not important.  All I know is that my heart skipped a beat as I heard one of the most incredible songs ever.  On this particular evening I walked out into my yard to give thanks for the day that was given to me.  Under the bright stars above and the moist green grass below, I heard a symphony of frogs, crickets and other night creatures singing in pure harmony. In all of the songs that I have heard in my life and career, I had not heard such perfect harmony as I heard that night.  If I hadn’t been so tired that night, I would have stayed in my yard until the sun rose the next morning while listening to the never ending song that rode the night air.  My heart and soul had danced amongst the pure musical melody provided by Mother Nature.  It is a song that I wish I would have been able to capture on tape, only to be played over and over again as it created a magical realm that made me escape this man made cold world that we live in.  I keep that song locked away within my heart and soul, only to revisit day after day.  I was one with Mother Nature that night as she serenaded me with her creatures of the night and for once in all my life, I was at peace with pure joy and happiness.


Each day we try to fulfill our hearts and souls with happiness as we purchase things, eat and listen to music.  Each day we end in complete emptiness.  Why is this?  Why do we work so hard to purchase things that we feel will fulfill our souls when all we need is right under our toes?



The mountain of snow is still there.  When I took this picture it measured 28 feet by 30 feet by 12 feet high.  The weather around here has been cold as it has been around forty to fifty degrees during the day and falling to around thirty degrees at night.  Mother Nature is doing her best to wake up from her long winter’s nap.  The robins have returned and greet each morning with their songs of joy, just before the sun rises.  The cardinals are starting to nest as the goldfinches are starting to turn from their winter browns back into their vibrant yellows.  The trees are starting to show signs of returning as their branches begin to bud.  Soon, our neck of the Northwoods will be in complete harmony as it awakes from the dark days of winter.  Are you ready to wake up?  Are you ready to rejoice as you listen to the spring songs provided by Mother Nature? Are you read to submerse yourself into a song so deep that no person in the music industry could ever capture, record or make money off of?  Are you ready for reality, true reality?

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