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As the sun gently sets across the western horizon, it brings the beautiful colors of blues and purples as twilight gently comes.  Soon the sky goes black to reveal the millions of stars that light up the night.  The night is cool and there is a gentle breeze blowing through the pines.  Out of the corner of your eye you see the northern lights dancing across the sky.  The greens become blue and back to green… The natives of this land referred to the northern lights as great spirits that danced upon the night rainbow.


It’s a perfect night to gather with friends, sip some warm apple cider and enjoy their company.  Come and gather for Strictly Country’s Friday night radio show – Around The Campfire.  Join your hosts Jack and Gina as they entertain you with an incredible collection of Country Music, Bluegrass, Americana, Country Gospel, Folk and Country Comedy.  You will never hear such a collection of songs as you will on Around The Campfire radio show.


Around The Campfire debut on July 15, 2011, after Editor Gina Kay Singerhouse was approached by another radio station to create a weekly one hour radio show that featured what Strictly Country is all about – a 360 degree view of Country Music.


“I was surprised to receive such a request. Granted we try to maintain a 360 degree view of country music, we just never thought of doing a show.” shares Strictly Country’s Editor Gina Kay Singerhouse. “We didn’t have the funds to create a weekly show for the station so we chose to do the show on our website.  We receive so many albums filled with great songs that never get played on the air; we just had to do the show!”


Around The Campfire started as a very informative show with Singerhouse as the host.  The show grew to become more as Jack Rosenquist joined as co-host.  With Gina’s knowledge of country music and Jack’s knowledge of classic rock, the show has grown to become one to listen too each week.  In each episode, Jack and Gina feature new songs, old songs, instrumentals and more! 


“We took a look back at what made shows, both radio and television, popular and learned from them.” tells Jack.  “As a kid, I would watch Laugh In, Saturday Night Live and Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters shows.”


Taking an example from Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters show, Jack and Gina always play a Gospel song as well as a Song For Soldiers in each show.  The show also features The Flush of The Week, a segment in which the hosts share with the audience the worst songs or albums coming from country music. Shortly after, they feature a song that hits Strictly Country’s List of Top Songs of the Year. Another portion includes “The Obscure Song of The Week” which features some of country music’s comedic songs.


Around The Campfire hostsJack and Gina also welcome guest entertainers to the show.  Entertainers are welcome to do the show live in studio or with a special “Cut-By-Cut.”  During the Cut-By-Cut, the hosts invite entertainers to feature their new albums as they explain how and why they chose the songs on their new projects.  John and Judy Rodman were the first entertainers to record a Cut-By-Cut.  Where as Mark “Brink” Brinkman was the first entertainer to perform live on the show.


As the weeks go by, Around The Campfire continues to gain more notoriety from fans around the world as it draws in thousands of listeners each week.

The Annual Spirit Awards:
Since 1996, Strictly Country has played host to the annual fan voted Spirit Awards.  On January 15, 2015, Gina and Jack hosted the very first Annual Spirit Award's Award Show.  During the show, they asked the winning entertainers to respond to winning their well deserved fan voted award.  The show proved to be fun for the entertainers, the listeners and the hosts.  Since then, Jack and Gina host the annual event each January 15th.  (Listen to the first award's show by clicking here.)


What They Are Saying:
"Gina and Jack play some of the best music around...period every week on the "Around the Campfire Radio Show". I've been honored to be a guest on the show and consider myself to be a fan and regular don't get no better!!" - Bluegrass Singer / Songwriter Mark "Brink" Brinkman.


"The artistically excellent and interestingly varied song choices plus the easy, informative banter between Gina and Jack about the songs make "Around The Campfire" a go-to show for discerning ears. It's also a great way to discover great new music!" - Country Music Singer / Songwriter Judy Rodman.

"I don't listen to any other radio show than this one!" states Country Music Fan John from Arizona.  "I love the variety and all the antics between Gina and Jack!"


So gather up all of your friends to come and gather as we warm up with great music, fun and laughter with Jack and Gina and Strictly Country’s Friday night radio show – Around The Campfire!

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