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 2018 - This is our first introduction to Cherish Lee, who is the daughter of the legendary Johnny Lee.  This eight song EP is just your typical standard, preliminary album to launch Cherish’s career.  More so, it is bait to see if anyone will reel in Ms. Lee.  That being said, I cannot stand these types of albums, as they are nothing more than a generic resume of fictitious accomplishments.  These styles of albums customarily do not allow the entertainer to show their true character, they rather present a spectacle of multifaceted styles in hope to bring attention to the industry.  Rarely are these albums taken into consideration for radio airplay and often fall into the abyss of unknown albums.  This album opens with “This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Country Song,” performed in the same baseline melody found in nearly every country song today, this song is nothing more than an impersonation of Gretchen Wilson.  If Cherish were to incorporate a more traditional country melody with the lyrics of this song, only then would this song be considered for real country music radio.  Majority of the songs on this album are what we call Millennial Country; in other words, they lack pure raw emotions within the lyrics and the performance.  This shortfall of emotions is created with the use of to many none descriptive words such as oh an ooh.  Cherish does include two songs that encompass some words of wisdom with “Scream,” “One Pillow Over,” and “Ones You Leave Behind.”   Nonetheless, these songs require the entertainer to draw from their own personal experiences to bring them to life.  If Cherish Lee wishes to follow her father’s example, then she needs to get away from the Millennial Country feel and focus on the real heart and soul that is music. $-$$


(This review was printed in the July / August 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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Cherish Lee - Tequila Cowgirl album

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