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 2017 - Yep Roc Records.  Kim Richey is no stranger to the music industry as a singer and a prolific songwriter.  Nonetheless, I have taken the time to listen to this album several times and I just cannot grasp any of the songs.  I believe this is because the lyrics of each song start strong, then they veer way off course.  Case in point “The Red Line,” which starts out strong as it talks about a railroad, then goes off track to speak about heartbreak.  Each of the twelve songs on this album are like that.  There is not one song on here that captures my attention and I have really tried to pay attention while listening to this project.  Other songs include “Leaving Song,” “Pin A Rose,” “High Time,” “The Get Together,” “I Tried,” “Black Trees” and “Your Dear John.”  Kim does contain a rich set of vocals that are mixed with some beautiful melodies, it’s just that her lyrics are perplexing and lack a smooth transition for the listener to follow.  Music is meant to carry a message, however, when the message is difficult and complex, it will be lost.  The one song that I can follow is the closing song “Whistle On Occasion.”  Perhaps this is due to its simple melody mixed with straightforward lyrics.  If you love puzzles, then you will enjoy this one. $$


(This review was printed in the September / October 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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