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   As we gradually venture through the year, we find that each season has its own music.  Music that lifts our souls as we journey through our daily lives.  One can only hear the distinctive sounds if one only takes the time to listen closely.

   One  does not have to listen closely to hear the gentle sounds of the season of Christmas.  It is the sounds of the snow as it gently falls from the sky that is mixed with the sounds of joy as shoppers walk with their arms filled with gifts that will be given with love.  Nonetheless all of this is enhanced with the sounds of Christmas carols that ride the winds of winter among the radio, store speakers and church bells.

   Each Christmas season we are given gifts of love by our favorite entertainers.  This offering to us is the entertainer’s way to embrace the truth within themselves as they share with us their most cherished, beloved Christmas songs.  Each year we embrace these gifts of love as we appreciate their artistry to help enhance our Christmas celebrations.

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