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Time To Go Home

The King James Boys


 2018 - Pinecastle Records.  Primarily, it is always nice to hear none traditional Gospel songs.  Be that as it may, there are way too many flaws with this project.  Let me begin with the minor errors.  The first one I come across is within the jewel case as the names of the each of the songwriters are transposed, making it difficult to research each of these songs.  What it does not say in the jewel case is that each one of these songs were given to The King James Boys.  This Bluegrass band developed to share the word of God through their performances at local churches, however, they became so popular that they began touring throughout the country.  I find this hard to believe as they lack the vocal skills needed to bring these songs to life.  Throughout the record, I found myself having to guess at what the lyric was, as I could not decipher through the mumbling of the lead vocalist.  Another flaw comes with the production and mix.  The best way to hide an untalented singer is to raise the volume of the instrumentals.  This does not work as it makes the project sound as if it was recorded in a garage via tape recorder.  Another failure I found is in the fact that half of the songs are performed with the same baseline melody in which the key they are performed in is changed slightly.  This makes the listener think that they are listening to the same song.  The worst song on this album is found in “Was Nots.”  I have no idea what the songwriter was thinking about when he wrote this song as the storyline is all over the place! This song is followed by “Signs of The Times.”  I was raised as a Christian, I have read my Bible from cover to cover and I do not recall the end of days being the anti-Christ coming.  If I am wrong, I will stand corrected.  Nevertheless, a song that states the anti-Christ is coming is—well wrong in my book.  Not all of the songs are inappropriate.  In fact, I can hear other, well-known, entertainers bringing many of these songs to life.  For an example: “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” could come to life with the help of The Oak Ridge Boys.  Another song, the title track, would be better suited for Ricky Skaggs.  Perhaps that was the whole idea for this amateurish band to record this album, to get these songs out there for more proficient vocalists and entertainers to take notice.  Plain and simple, this project is pure gibberish, when most of these songs should have touched the souls and enlightened the listeners. -- - - $


(This review was printed in the November / December 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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King James Boys Time To Go Home

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