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Glenn Cummings - album "Big"

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Glenn Cummings - album "Big"

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Glenn Cummings debut album "Big."
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    Gulf Coast Records, LLC, brings to you the crittically debut album from Glenn Cummings entitled "BIG." This album features eleven great songs from this incredible entertainer! Critics are calling Glenn the next Garth Brooks! Here is your chance to be a part of Glenn's career from the very begining with his debut album!

    This CD features the following singles:
    1. Good Old Days
    2. Big
    3. Knowin' What I Know Now
    4. Loving You Is Easy
    5. I'll Always Love That Girl
    6. As If I Didn't Know
    7. If I was An Angel
    8. Heads You Win (Tails I Lose)
    9. Jeans
    10. She's Gone
    11. The Ones Left Behind

    Review printed in Strictly Country -

    On October 26, Gulf Coast Records released what is soon to be the hottest selling album of the year. The album is Big and I mean Big! It was recorded by country music's newest and hottest sensation, Glenn Cummings! Glenn was born on August 19 in Jacksonville, Florida. Glenns childhood consisted of touring with his mother and talented brother, David. Together, the family won numerous contests and awards. Later they founded a children's drama company called Clubhouse Kids. It was this company that launched other careers, including Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Though, Glenn was destined to be a star he did what most artists do. He worked the job circuit. He earned his pay doing odd jobs like shucking oysters and selling vacuum cleaners.
    "I sold Rainbow vacuum cleaners." laughed Glenn. "I still have one that we use!"
    But, his persistence paid off. After interviewing with several of the larger record companies, Glenn finally signed with Gulf Coast Records in January of 2004. The result of this union was Big! Big is an incredible album. It truly relates to the listeners. The album consists of so many shades of emotions. One that shows the listening audience the true talent that Glenn has.
    "I'm so know when you're in the studio doing the record, it's so... you really get so excited and you really want to have a good reaction." stated Glenn. "'s been hard work for the last seven years. At least going towards country music. It's been a dream of mine and to have people listen to it and like it. Radio, so far likes it too. It's so awesome. I hope, our main hope is to get a video out there and to get new fans to hear the record."
    It's Glenn's down to earth attitude that brings the best out of his debut album. The album consists of eleven extraordinary cuts. In
    listening to this album, I can only believe that it gets better and better as the songs progress. Many of the songs included on this album are
    toe-tapping, catchy tunes. The album opens up with "Good Ole Days." This is a light hearted summer song about times that have left us years ago. The second cut is the first single off the album. It's a perfect debut single for this incredible and talented man.
    "When we perform 'Big' in front of audiences...we get a big response!" laughs Glenn. "We had fun making the video to this song."
    The video was just added to medium rotation on GAC. It was filmed near the Country Music Hall of Fame with Nashville in the background. The song talks about what happens when you meet the girl of your dreams. The album continues with "Knowin' What I Know Now." I love this song! This one reminds us of the choices that we made and how if we knew what we knew now we may have never made those choices. It's a great catchy tune!Glenn shows that he can also sing the ballads. He sings them with such emotion. The emotion comes across as clear as day. This can be found in "Loving You Is Easy." The story behind this song is that it was recorded in one take. This is extremely rare. Especially, for a new artist. The reason for such emotion was due to Glenn being away from his wife, Paula, and his two daughters, Lexi and Savanna (his three biggest fans). The next cut off the album is "I'll Always Love That Girl." Glenn's style is as if he has the heart of Billy Ray Cyrus and the massive talent of Garth Brooks. His style comes across in this song. This song is like so many of the songs in which Garth Brooks once recorded. Glenn shows his versatile talents in the next cut, "As If I Didn't Know." At times it sounds like he took the professional attitude that Clint Black has and has installed it on this one. "If I Was An Angel" is one of the best songs to come out of the music industry in a long time. Glenn is the second person to have the opportunity to record this extraordinary song. His version would have to be the best one out there! Back to the songs in which Garth would record comes "Heads You Win (Tails I Lose)." This high octane song shows us that Glenn can perform anything and make it a hit! If it is line dancing that you enjoy, then you will enjoy "Jeans."
    "Jeans is one of my favorite songs!" replies Glenn. "It's a fan favorite too!"
    "She's Gone" shows us that Glenn is also a songwriter as well. This song was wrote in an empty ballroom in Nashville with friend Donnie Vondra. It's a song that has hit written all over it!But, the best cut on the album is one that needs to be heard. It is an incredible song about loosing a loved one. "The Ones Left Behind" is truly a tear jerker. Glenn gives this song justification with his emotional performance. So there it is. This album is one of the best albums that has come out of Nashville this year. It has Gold written all over it. Trust me when I say that you will enjoy this album to the fullest. As for Glenn Cummings, well he is the type of man who cares about having fun. He enjoys everyone of his fans to the fullest. He is
    willing to give you a show worthy of the time. His attitude is that of 'let me entertain you.' Performing his music comes first and money
    comes much later. He is a down home family man who shares every aspect of his career with his wife and daughters. This is one entertainer that has the emotions, attitude but most of all the extraordinary talent to make it in country music! Get a piece of this guy! You won't regret it...
    'I bet this is going to BIG!'

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