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We have the following Subscriptions available...

Strictly Country Magazine Platinum Subscription

The Platinum Subscription is only available to those who became Lifetime Subscribers prior to 2010. 

    Strictly Country Magazine Gold subscription

    Gold Subscription is an online, lifetime subscription.  This subscription includes…

    1. Entrance into all online articles; past, present and future.
    2. Option to receive special exclusive print issues.  These issues will only be available to Gold and Platinum subscribers.
    3. Entrance into exclusive Strictly Country events and subscriber contests.
    4. Option to vote for the Annual Spirit Awards.
    5. First choice to purchase from the Fight For The Future Charities Auction.
    6. Option to receive 5 free CDs.  (CDs are chosen by Strictly Country.  Subscriber must pay for shipping and handling.)

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      Strictly Country Magazine LP subscription

      LP Subscription is opened to online and is good for one calendar year.  This subscription includes…

      1. Entrance into all online articles available during the duration (of one year) of the paid subscription.
      2. Entrance into Find The Horseshoe contest.
      3. Option to vote for the Annual Spirit Awards.

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      Prices of each subscription vary.

      Welcome to the Northwoods…
      Where the summers are hot, the winters are cold,
      and the music is always good!


      It's a beautiful summer night.  A cool summer breeze blows gently across the tall evergreens.  There is a single Robin perched on top of the log cabin, singing 'good night' to all who wish to listen.  Off to the side is a roaring fire, in the fire pit, beckoning for you to sit next to it.  Around the fire pit is a group of friends, who come from all over the world.  Their only common ground is music, country music.

      "Come and join us..." they say as they pull up another chair. As you sit down and begin to warm up to the fire, you understand why you are here.  It's the music that is playing in the background.  It's country music.  But, it's not like any country music you heard off of the radio.  This is real country music performed by artists who you have never heard of. 

      The music captures your soul, it makes you stand up and ask for more.  "Why aren't these artists played on the radio?" you ask.  The answer is not there.  However, what is there is the opportunity to learn about and hear more from all of the music under the country music umbrella, and not just the Top 10.  It is at that moment that you realize that you have discovered country music's biggest secret - Strictly Country Magazine.

      Strictly Country Magazine is not like your other country music magazines.  For over two decades we have maintained a 360 degree view of country music.  Our 16 page magazine / e-zine feature the entire view of country music; from the veterans and the Top 10 all the way to the newest entertainer trying to emerge on to the country music and bluegrass scene.  From traditional, Americana, Bluegrass and today's country music - we report on it all.

      Beginning April 1, 2019 -
      Strictly Country Magazine will be 100% online only!

      Join us around the campfire and you will get to enjoy reading about and listen to all of the great music found under the country music umbrella!Strictly Country Subscribe button

      Please note: Strictly Country is not a gossip magazine.  It is a magazine that informs you of the entire 360 degree view of country music.  Within its pages or online, we provide you information about the new artists trying to emerge onto the country music scene, Top Ten artists and their latest projects, and veterans and their latest endeavors.  In other words, we are the Wall Street Journal of country music.  Join us and be opened to a whole new world of Country Music!

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