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24th Annual Spirit Awards


This certifies that fans of country music have officially voted to present the following awards to the following entertainers...

Listen to the official Spirit Awards show on Strictly Country's Friday night radio show - Around The Campfire, on this page...

Strictly Country Magazine Around The Campfire 23rd Annual Spirit Awards show

All contests are closed for this show.

Official Spirit Award

Presentation Photographs

These are the official Spirit Award presentation photographs.

These photographs are taken by an official Strictly Country photographer.  Photos are copyrighted and can not be used without written consent of Strictly Country Magazine.

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Entertainer of The Year:
The Oak Ridge Boys

Female Vocalist of The Year:
Reba McEntire

Male Vocalist of The Year:
Vince Gill

Vocal Group / Duo of The Year:
The Oak Ridge Boys

Starbound Award:
Ben Haggard

Album of The Year:
"Second Bloom"

Song of The Year:
"You Can't Go Back Home"
(Kyle Fleming, Dennis Morgan)

Spirit of America Award:
"The Boots My Momma Wears"
Irlene Mandrell
(Chris Merkling, David Graham)

Spirit of Christmas Award:
"Carl The Christmas Dog"
Lacy J. Dalton
(Lacy J. Dalton, Carl & Friends)

Living Legend of The Year:
The Oak Ridge Boys

President's Choice Award:
"Wouldn't It Be Great"
Loretta Lynn

"Boundless Skies"
Lacy J. Dalton
(G. Greenway, L.J. Dalton, A. Anderson)

Pete Huttlinger Spirit Award

For Music Excellence:

"The Last Wild Place: Anthology"

Lacy J. Dalton

Congratulations to all of the winners!

* Red = waiting for official presentation.

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