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Fight For The Future Policy:


Availability of Items:

All items donated are available for purchase at various times throughout the year.  For the most part we try to schedule the sales of these items from May 15th –May 31st and November 15th – December 31st.  However, there are times when we are in the process of clearing out our cache of items and will host a clearance sale.  Other times we are working with an entertainer to help promote them and will offer the items as an extra bonus.


Donating Items:

We are always willing to accept any donated items.  However, through the years we have found that items from lesser known entertainers tend to “sit on the shelf” and do not get sold.  Therefore we only accept items from more well known entertainers.  Nonetheless we will accept certain items (ie guitars and other musical instruments).


For more information about Fight For The Future Charities, please click here.


Interview Policy:


Scheduling an interview:

We understand that you really want the word about your music to spread and we would love to help you.  Nonetheless, we really work hard at being honest with ourselves and with our readers.  It is hard for us to be honest when we are conducting an interview without product in hand.  Therefore, if you wish for us to interview you about your material – please send it to us with a notation that you are interested in being interviewed.  Please include a contact e-mail address for us to get a hold of you to schedule an interview.  Upon receipt of the material we will take into consideration your request.  If we feel that there is a story, within your material, that needs to be told – we will then contact you.


Interview process: 

To maintain our honest approach to music and your material; we only conduct one on one interviews via telephone and or e-mail.  Through the years we have found it best to schedule and set aside 20 minutes for the interview.  This way we have time to really delve into your project and music to gain the best knowledge to help promote you.


Material Acceptance Policy:


At Strictly Country, we pride ourselves in reviewing all material sent to us.  We accept any item under the Country Music Umbrella; including all forms of Country Music, Bluegrass, Country Christmas, Rockabilly and more.  Unlike many other news outlets, we take all the time needed to review each individual item received.  We accept full length albums, EPs, singles, videos, and books. 


We would love to review your material; however, we respectfully request you read our new Material Acceptance Policy by clicking here.  This new policy took place on February 1, 2022.

*Beginning January 1, 2018, Strictly Country will no longer accept material requesting payment for shipping.


Requesting Items:




We understand that you may be excited about having your material mentioned and or featured in Strictly Country Magazine.  However, we are a small company that depends on the sale of our publication to make ends meet.  Therefore, we respectfully request that you help us by purchasing a hard copy of the issue that you are in.


Potential Subscribers: 

We understand that in this day and age that we live in that you may be hesitant to subscribe to Strictly Country Magazine as it might not be a magazine that you might enjoy.  If you are hesitant, you can do one of two things… first you can simply purchase one hard copy of Strictly Country Magazine to get a feel for what we are all about or second you can simply subscribe to the cheapest subscription – LP Subscription.  If you like what you see, you can always upgrade to a better subscription.


Tickets / Backstage passes:

We understand that you really would love to see and meet your favorite entertainer; however we ask that you please not contact us regarding tickets and backstage passes to see and meet your entertainer.  We are only a publication in country music and do not handle such requests. 


Spirit Award Policy:


Award Presentation:

How exciting is it to receive an honor of a Spirit Award? Quite!  It is wonderful to know that you and your work will be rewarded not only by Strictly Country but by the fans of country music!  Because of this great honor, each Spirit Award is presented in person by the owner and Editor of Strictly Country Magazine – Gina Kay Singerhouse.  If you are a Spirit Award winner and wish to receive your well deserved award, please contact us to schedule the official award presentation.  Due to the honor of these awards, we will never mail or present any of the awards to anyone then said winner (with the exception of death of the winner).  For more information about The Spirit Awards, please click here.


Store Policy:



We completely understand how hesitant you may be about purchasing from a company over the internet, especially one who does not offer free shipping.  Unfortunately, we do not have it in our means to offer free shipping on our items as they are already priced so low.  We are a small business who takes pride in everything that we do. 


Returns / Exchanges:

We take pride in sharing with you all the information that is available to us about each of the items we sell on our website.  However, many of the items that we offer are very limited to only one and we do not have the ability to order more of.  Therefore, we do not accept any returns and or exchanges on all sales.  We assure you that we will do everything in our power to package your items so that they will arrive to you safely.  However, things do happen within the shipping process and we are not responsible for these events as they are out of our hands.  If you wish, for a piece of mind, you can always ask to have shipping insurance added to your order.  If you wish to have this added, at an additional USPS cost, please contact us at the time that you place your order.

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