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About The CD Coaster Award


It’s about the music, here at Strictly Country.  We believe in the artistry, brilliance, style and mastery of the craft of music.  At times the music industry does not believe in the artistry as much as we do and tends to create albums that are quite manufactured or lack artistic creativity.


Strictly Country prides it's self in being an equal opportunity magazine.  Therefore we review all material sent.  We approach each entertainer and album with a clear, non-influenced mind. We also take the necessary time to listen to every song on the entire album.  This is very rare within the country music industry.

Through the years we have heard some of the most beautiful music.  Many of which will never be heard on country radio. However, there are times when an entertainer and or album should never be heard, due to the lack of talent, effort, structure of the album, and musical accompaniment. At Strictly Country we tell you about the the good, the bad and the ugly.


What makes a good song?

We believe that a good song is one that the listener can relate too.  As it progresses, it will take a listener on a journey as it prompts long forgotten memories or even plays a mini story with in the listener’s mind’s eye.  When listening to a song, one should not have to try to figure out the song’s message.  The lyrics should be carefully chosen to carry the listener through the song with ease while it promotes various emotions.  The melody of the song should not be over whelmed with various instruments, but should create a natural flow as it brings the lyrics to life.  The instruments playing the melody should be carefully chosen to compliment the lyrics and their nature flow while creating a masterpiece worthy of the listener’s precious time.  This is what we look for when reviewing each album and or single.


The List

As we review each album sent to us, with pure precision, we compile a list of these great songs. On the flip side, we also compile a list of the Top Worst Songs and Albums of each year.  Our list of Top Songs each earns a nomination for the Spirit Award’s Song of The Year Award.  Nonetheless our list of bad albums and songs each earns a nomination for the Spirit Award’s “CD Coaster Award” for worst music of the year.  Please note, this is not a physical award that we present but a list we compile and release each January.


Listening To Music

The best way to listen to music is to listen to it through studio quality headphones.  By doing this, you will hear the original recording.  Many artists and songs sound quite different through various players and headphones. Some only record their music to sound good on cell phones and MP3 players; therefore do not transfer well to other players. However, studio quality headphones will always give you the original sound that was released from the studio.


We welcome you to browse through our list.  Please remember, we have heard all of the music out there.  Therefore our list is based on all of the music and not just the Top 10.

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