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Karling & The Kadavers


   Each year as the calendar changes from September to October, we are drawn into the harvest season.  With it comes the season of Halloween with everything pumpkin and all matters that are scary.

   For many are glad that this season quickly ends.  But for the chosen few, like Karling Abbeygate, we enjoy the gothic mentality all year round.

   Some believe that being ‘gothic’ is being depressing that often contains a suicidal mindset.  In reality, being gothic is a person who treasures and maintains a belief in long forgotten values.  A goth person is an old soul who treasures the artistry that once was praised.  This artistry is often found on old tombstones, buildings and paintings.  Sure some of this artistry contains suffering, for being an old soul is often filled with suffering.

   A goth person can really truly be themselves only for one month out of the year.  For the rest of the year, they are cast aside due to their abnormalities of not being ‘normal.’  But for a goth person, normal is over rated.

   We first introduced you to Karling Abbeygate in 2010, when she released her album Bound For Nowhere.  A year later, she released her album Christmas With Karling.  At the time, Karling maintained a rockabilly mentality in her music, while she embraced the pin-up girl style and attitude.

   Today, Karling has found herself a home with a new, refreshing style called Gothic Rockabilly. 

   “I was born and grew up in Norwich, England.” tells Karling.  “It’s a very morbid kind of town to grow up in; lots of gothic churches, cemeteries, Abbeys, but then on the weekends those three hundred year old pubs are rockin’!  But yes, I was always more into the dark side of things.  I wrote a story in school about a soldier on the battlefield getting all blown up.  It was very descriptive.  I guess it was also pretty disturbing to read because the teacher called my Mum asking her if I was ok!”

   Recently Karling created a new band called Karling & The Kadavers and released a new EP called Curse On Me

   “I think it’s my favorite so far.” adds Abbeygate.  “The Gothy / Punky flair is really who I am.  Trying to keep straight country or rockabilly is hard for me.  I like breaking the rules of music genres, and this seems to be where I gravitate to!”

   Before you get all scared and run away, we beg you to take a listen to this new energetic style.

   “Actually, we’re getting a really great response.” shares Karling.  “There is an element of like-minded folks who love the rhythm and energy of rockabilly, but also like other kinds of music too.  I have a big 80s influence in me; that’s when goth music was really big and combining that kind of spookiness of mind to upbeat music really appeals to me.  I touch on it with my second album Glory Girl, but then I kinda changed directions for a while.”

   The EP opens up with the title cut.  Anyone who remembers the Ramones will certainly be reminded of their music once you hear this song.  Performed in a progressive rockabilly style, this song contains a great hook followed by supporting lyrics which showcase Karling’s vast talents as a songwriter.

   “I think it’s a natural progression to enjoy an activity and want to make a profession out of it.” tells Karling.  “I did many other things first.  I was a model in London, a photographer on a Russian cruise ship, a dealer in Las Vegas; but during all that time, I knew my heart was in being on stage and writing songs.”

   Ms. Abbeygate wrote all three songs on this EP.  Drawing from being an old soul, she is able to bring into her music an old world feel.

   “Yes, I am an old soul, so is my fiancé Johnny.” laughs Karling.  “He has introduced me to the whole ‘physical’ world of horror!  I mean that in a good way of course!  Johnny is quite the darkly weird character.  He’s a gifted magician and he used to be in the circus too.  He has a big tent full of ancient magic illusions, old circus props and signs.  Our house in L.A. is like a museum of the macabre.  Not to mention all the strange animals we have.  Bats, rats, snakes and frogs are on the list.”

   You don’t need to know the mechanics of illusion to know that Karling & The Kadavers’ music is magical.  Their style contains a the forgotten days gone by mixed with a youthful vibrancy. 

   The best example of this statement is found on the second cut called “Ruby.”  This song as well as the others will certainly get you up and dancing.

   “I’m very proud of all three, but I really like ‘Ruby’ because the story is like an old B Horror Flick.” shares Karling.  “I think it really paints the picture of this dissatisfied, bored wife who runs away from home late at night.  She cuts through the graveyard where she senses a dark presence.  She gets bitten by a Vampire.  At the morgue her heartbroken man weeps over her dead body, but when the lights go out and everyone’s gone, she slides herself out of the metal drawer and starts her own constant search for blood.  The moral of the story being, don’t be dissatisfied, it could be worse!”

   This song has such a great storyline, that it would make for the perfect song to apply a video towards. The melody mixed with the unique storyline drew us to pull this song and add it to our list of Top Songs of 2017, thus earning a nomination for the Spirit Award’s Song of The Year Award. 

   The album closes with “The Worst of You.”  Performed in an angry attitude mixed with a notable feel that is reminiscent of the television show The Munsters.

   My only complaint with this EP is that they did not include more songs!  Perhaps this is why this EP is quite enjoyable and we highly recommend it as we welcome the new gothic mentality that this group brings to the music industry.

   For a person who is creeped out by Freddy Kruger, she rather enjoys Halloween as she owns and drives a white hearse. Karling just published a horror book called The Fly King and plans to tour next year in support of it. She is currently working on a gothic Christmas album that maybe ready for the 2017 Christmas season release.  You can follow Karling & The Kadavers at:

   Sometimes what may seem scary or abnormal can really be nothing more than artistic and wonderful.  Karling & The Kadavers are among the entertainers who refuse to conform to the music industry standards of the cookie cutter type songs.  It is this vast artistry that we celebrate, honor and cherish.  If thinking outside the box is being called Gothic, then call us Gothic!

   If you see a white hearse rolling down the streets of your hometown, follow in their tracks.  For they are heading towards the cemetery to perform for the living while they honor the dead.  It’s time to shed societies norms and dance amongst the graves of the long forgotten.  Just what every you do…


Don’t put a Curse On Me...

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Strictly Country Magazine Karling & The Kadavers Curse On Me EP

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