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The Lost Recordings of Jill Croston

In the deep dark recesses of some unknown location it is discovered. It once held the dream, the creativity, and potential of riding the airwaves of radio.  Remembered by those who created it and lost by those who abandoned it and yet it is found by someone who knew not of its existence. It is among the vast array of lost projects.


In the infancy of her career, multi Spirit Award winner Lacy J. Dalton recorded several projects that never made it to full production.  In a melancholy voice, Lacy informed me of several projects she recorded but never saw to full production.


It is with great excitement that recently one of these projects was found and is set to release today, November 17, 2023.  50 years after it was recorded, this album is seeing the light of a new day with its release in digital format.  The project was recorded under Lacy’s original name of Jill Croston and at the time had a limited release on vinyl. 


This project features raw recordings of six songs including a fast paced long song with “Jamaica.” The album continues with “Isabella,” a traditional two-step country ballad.  The project continues with “Higher and Higher” a beautiful love ballad.  It has been a length a time since I have heard such a fun song with “Black Jack Davey.” This is one song I would nominate for the Spirit Awards’ Song of The Year if the Spirit Awards were current.  Another great song worthy of a nomination is “Snake Song.” This comedic style song has a Frank Sinatra-esc style to it.  The album concludes with “Evenin’ Comes.” This is another worthy of a nomination.  Enjoy this fun song below…

One can feel the naïve within these recordings as they capture the raw virgin vocal talent Lacy once possessed.  What would make this project more appealing is if Lacy were to re-record these songs today and include them as part of a dual album.  Ms. Dalton’s timeless vocals could really breathe life into these forgotten recordings.

Although she is among one of the unappreciated entertainers in Country Music, Lacy has led an illustrious career.  She is known for hits like "16th Avenue," "Takin' It Easy," and her ever popular hit "Black Coffee." She returned to the forefront of Country Music when she released her 2006 album The Last Wild Place Anthology. The album earned Dalton the coveted Pete Huttlinger Spirit Award for Music Excellence. She was the second of three entertainers to win this highly sought after award within the 25 years of the Spirit Awards.  Other Spirit Awards she earned include the 2019 President's Choice Spirit Award for her song "Boundless Skies," and the 2019 Spirit of Christmas Spirit Award for her song "Carl The Christmas Dog."  In 2019, Dalton released EP Scarecrow.


Somewhere within some deep dark room there lie more lost recordings.  Whether they are on acetate, wax or simple tape, we shall never know until someone discovers them. Until then, let us enjoy Lacy J. Dalton in her youth as…


Jill Croston.

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