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Lacy J. Dalton Accepts Three Spirit Awards

By: Gina Kay Singerhouse



   Deep in the northwoods of Minnesota you will find acres and acres of trees filled with undisturbed natural habitat.  Physically, one could get lost easily if one desired.  Spiritually, one could easily lose one’s self among the sure beauty provided by mother earth.

   Dividing the trees and natural habitat is a freeway that wind’s itself from the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis north to the port city of Duluth, Minnesota.  It is this highway that I travel.  I am on a mission to deliver three well deserved Spirit Awards to one of the most artistic entertainers in country music, by the name of Lacy J. Dalton.

Who the hell is Lacy J. Dalton?

   In an industry where mediocrity talent pushes true talent to the wings, it is Lacy J. Dalton whom you should seek.  Dalton first hit the music scenes during the Outlaw days in 1979 when she released her debut single “Crazy Blue Eyes.” She became a household name throughout the 1980’s with songs like “Black Coffee,” “Everybody Makes Mistakes,” “Takin’ It Easy,” and her ever popular song “16th Avenue.”

   Like so many talented entertainers, Lacy fell into the abyss that is the music industry.  In fact, many believed that she had departed from the industry.  Far from it, she has been creating music throughout the years. 

   In 2006, Lacy released her Spirit Award nominated album The Last Wild Place Anthology.  The seventeen cut project reveals Dalton’s artistic side.  With authentic songs such as “The Wanderers” to the honest songs like “Boundless Skies,” Lacy delivers a non-religious, spiritual album that will take you on a journey through the cosmos. 

   In December 2017, Lacy released a true-to-life Christmas song called “Carl The Christmas Dog.” The song went on to earn a nomination for the Spirit Award’s Spirit of Christmas Award.  Later she would add a children’s book that tells the story. 

   Recently Lacy released a new four song EP called Scarecrow.  This Spirit Award nominated album takes the listener on a journey through the process of healing.  From heartache in “It Takes An Earthquake Sometimes” to living for now in “Life’s About Now,” listeners will enjoy the simplistic elements within the music. 

   Just off the highway in the little town of Sandstone, Minnesota; I arrive at a venue that once was a vaudeville in its earlier years.  The three hundred seat venue provides an intimate location perfect for those who do not like the enormous venues that most entertainers seek to perform at.  The hosts of the venue display the niceties that the heart of Minnesota is known for.

   With my satchel over my left shoulder, I can feel the weight of the three Spirit Awards.  On January 15, 2019, I proudly announced via Strictly Country’s Friday night radio show – Around The Campfire that fans of Country Music had officially voted to honor Lacy J. Dalton with the 2019 Spirit Award’s Spirit of Christmas Award for her song “Carl The Christmas Dog.”  Later on in the show, we officially announced that the staff at Strictly Country had chosen Ms. Dalton’s song “Boundless Skies” to earn the President’s Choice Award.  However, the most significant honor came later in the show when we announced that the staff at Strictly Country with the help from Erin Morris Huttlinger had chosen Lacy J. Dalton’s album The Last Wild Place Anthology to earn the prestigious Pete Huttlinger Spirit Award for Music Excellence.  Lacy is the second entertainer to receive this honor.

   As a person, Lacy J. Dalton is humble and wise.  She is a rare character who listens and takes to heart the words people say.  She responds to her fans one on one with love and appreciation for their support.  At this venue, I witnessed a true entertainer in every aspect as she spent time with a fan who adored her and his father who introduced her music to his son.  I watched from the recesses as Lacy put her fans first and her music second; while she buried her ego.  For Lacy J. Dalton, music is the message of the soul and it is from the soul that she entertained us that night.

   With the accompaniment of a simple guitar, mastered by Dale Poune, Lacy takes the stage to perform.  Her set list ranges from her classic hits, to new songs and songs from those who inspired her.  The dual artistry of Lacy and Dale provides a show with an impression that we are family sitting in a living room enjoying each other’s company. 

   On this night, Lacy J. Dalton opened for David Frizzell.  Later in the show, David invites Lacy back on stage to join him in a duet.  The two compliment each other so well, that it makes this journalist long to hear an album from the pair.  The show ends with Dalton and Frizzell performing classic hits like “Don’t Fence Me In” in a campfire setting set to acoustic accompaniment.

   There are so many examples where a Spirit Award winning entertainer does not measure up to the awards that I present them.  This is not the case with Lacy J. Dalton.  As I took the stage to present Ms. Dalton with her well deserved awards, I am honored to stand before this multi talented woman. 

   Very few entertainers receive the recognition that they so deserve within their careers.  As I stand before Lacy J. Dalton, I am astonished at her humbleness and integrity.  I watch as her heart swells with love and kindness as she humbly receives each well deserved award.  Click Here to view the official Spirit Award photographs.

   “I can't thank you enough for the warmth, the kindness, the respect, and the honors you have given my music.  Thank you forever…” Lacy J. Dalton.

Who the hell is Lacy J. Dalton?

   She is a humble woman who is a true entertainer in every sense.  If your heart longs to hear real and authentic music that can move mountains and produce earthquakes, then seek Lacy.  It is through Lacy J. Dalton that you will find your authentic self.


(© Strictly Country Magazine - August 20, 2019)

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