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Strictly Country Magazine - Sylvia Nature Child title

Come with me…

 let us take the leap into our imagination…


   She awakes with a sigh.  Another morning, another day filled with dread.  As a child she never imagined her life would be so mundane.  But here it was.  Another day.

   With shoulders slumped and head bowed she walks to work.  The dark clouds linger over her head as the ever present storm of being an adult resides within her soul.  If only she could escape…

   What it would be like to fall down a rabbit hole into a different life?

   Indigenous cultures believe we as individuals are the creators of our own worlds.  Like a spider who weaves a web in pure pleasure, we can create the world we want. 

   A change in perception. Positive thoughts.  Actions that make our soul sing with joy.  Are these not the conditions we must change to better our lives?

    Have you ever watched a child, one who has a gift of imagination?  The smallest of things become the greatest of dreams.  How about meeting a child, whose imagination has been stifled?  Are they not the most challenging and difficult little people to associate with?

   We as a society have come to stifle one of the greatest gifts that is graced to us at birth.  The gift of creativity.  Society believes creative children are disruptive, dreamers, and simply stated – stupid.  Therefore, creativity is regarded as a less than quality by those whom we look to when we are children.  Our parents, teachers, ministers; all of which stifle the exact nature that makes our world so wonderful and our lives worthy of living.

   “You can’t earn a living by being a dreamer!”

   Thomas Edison was a dreamer – look what he accomplished!

   Not all dreamers have disappeared like the dinosaurs…

   All you have to do is find the rabbit hole.  The one that leads you back to your childhood and allows you to dream…

   Come with me…I know the way!

   In 2022, Country Music entertainer Sylvia leads the way to the proverbial rabbit hole to a whole new world with her new album Nature Child – A Dreamer’s Journey.

   At quick glance, I thought I was listening to a children’s album.  Nonetheless, when I delved deeper into the music I was drawn in to a whole new world filled with a vast array of imagination.

   Yes, I fell down the rabbit hole!

   From the first note of “Avalon” I was drawn in.  There are very few times in my musical career as a Journalist, have I heard such pure artistry.  The music circles the soul while the lyric entices the brain.  The imagery found within the songs leaves you begging for more!

   When I reached the end of this twelve cut album, I found myself in awe. 

   WOW! Was all I could say.

   My inner child emerged to remind me of who I once was – a dreamer.  I found myself dreaming of things I had not thought of for years!  I was filled with hope, imagination, and creativity! 

   As I played the album again and again, my imagination began to bloom and then fly!  I danced on the Emerald Isle.  I rode the train – to no where but to every where.  I was a butterfly riding the gentle winds.  I was welcomed with the warm embrace of Mother Nature.  Most of all I was loved for being me – the dreamer that I am.

   I am a nature child and I remember that now. 

   Sylvia’s gentle feminine vocals capture you and draw you in to a world of endless possibilities. She inspires you to dream big! Then she encourages you to take action.  Make your dreams come true... for only you have the power to do so.

   Sylvia surrounds herself with a vast array of talented musicians including John Mock and Verlon Thompson to provide an exquisite display of musical mastery.  Words cannot describe the pure brilliance found within this album.

   The only words I can say is this – This album deserves all the available recognition.  Therefore, it is my great pleasure to honor Sylvia with the Prestigious Pete Huttlinger Spirit Award for Music Excellence. 

   As Alice invited you to drop down the rabbit hole, Dorthy asked you to walk the yellow brick road, and Charlie requested a visit to the chocolate factory – Sylvia extends her hand and invites you to take a leap…

   Where will you land…?

   “Welcome home – Nature Child…”

© Strictly Country Magazine. July 29, 2021. 

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