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Kenny Rogers - VHS "The Gambler - Volume 1"

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Kenny Rogers - VHS "The Gambler - Volume 1"

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The Gambler Volume I.

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    Wood Knapp Video presents The Gambler Volume 1, starring Kenny Rogers.

    If you relish the action and excitement of old - fashioned Western entertainment, complete with saloon brawls, fast draws, and good guys versus bad guys, you'll love Kenny Rogers as the Gambler. Get ready for a long train ride that, starting at El Paso, holds advernture both on board and at every westward stop.

    The story begins as gambler Brady Hawks (Kenny Rogers) is traveling to rescue son Jeremiah from an unhappy home life with his mom and Fur, a mean, slap-happy bully. Until he received Jeremiah's recent letter, Brady never knew he had a son. Now he is determined to leave his gamblling ways to be a father.

    On the train, Brady meets Billy Montana (Bruce Boxleitner), a farmer from the Badlands. A self-fashioned gamblin' dandy, Billy is heading for San Franciso to try his hand at the poker tournament. Smitten by the gambling fever, Billy tries his luck with Brady. Though he's no match for the older, season Brady, the two become fast friends who help each other out of assorted life and death dilemmas.

    We also meet Mrs. Jennifer Reed. She becomes the spoils of a poker game between Brady and the train's wealthy, arrogant owner Mr. Stowbridge.

    Discover who wins the spoils, how Brady fares with his new-found son, and what becomes of Billy and stowbridge as the train continues its lively westward track.

    Running time: approx. 95 minutes. Copyright Kragen and Company, 1980.

    This vhs is sold used, in great condition, as is.

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