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Loretta Lynn Image used with permission

Wouldn’t It Be Great

Loretta Lynn


 2018 - Legacy Recordings.  Country music has seen and heard some iconic entertainers throughout its history, but none more distinguished as Ms. Loretta Lynn.  Through her vast career, she has become the epitome of what genuine country music is.  Ms. Lynn releases her latest project of thirteen beautifully recorded songs in what we are claiming as the best-recorded album of 2018.  “This new record means so much to me, but this last year I had to focus on my health and I decided to hold up the release,” shares Loretta.  “I’m feelin’ good and look forward to it comin’ out.  It was really important to me to be a part of it being released and I’m excited to celebrate with everybody!” This album features newly recorded versions of some of Ms. Lynn’s most notorious songs; including “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’,” “God Makes No Mistakes,” the title track and her ever popular signature song “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”  It is her new version of this popular song that brings her career full circle.  If you compare the original recording with the one included on this album you will hear the wisdom she embraces within her vocals.  Among the freshly recorded songs, you will find three new songs.  The first one we come across is “Ruby’s Stool,” performed in the classic Loretta Lynn mentality, this one will certainly make you laugh while it get’s your feet moving across the dance floor.  The next new song we come to is “I’m Dying For Someone To Live For.”  Written by Ms. Lynn and Shawn Camp, this two-step ballad contains a message of sincerity that is performed with love.  The final new song added to this wholehearted album is “Ain’t No Time To Go.”  Ms. Lynn teams up with her daughter Patsy to write this refined song that captures the honest feelings about how we feel that it is not the right time to die.  All of the songs that are on this project encompass life’s hard truths while maintaining the spirit insights of Ms. Lynn.  No other entertainer can draw from their own life than Ms. Lynn and that is what makes this album so polished and accomplished.  Other songs include “Another Bridge To Burn,” “These Ole Blues,” “The Big Man,” “Lulie Vars,” “Darkest Day,” and a beautiful delicate tribute to her mother with “My Angel Mother.”  This album embraces so much of the heart, soul and honesty of Ms. Lynn; it was hard for us to choose songs to add to our list of Top Songs of 2018.  Nonetheless, we pulled “Ruby’s Stool,” “Ain’t No Time To Go,” “Lulie Vars,” and “Coal Miner’s Daughter” to add to the list and nominate each of them for the 24th Annual Spirit Awards Song of The Year Award.  Again, we claim this album as the best-recorded album of 2018; therefore, we nominated it for the 24th Annual Spirit Awards Album of The Year Award.  If you purchase any music this year, this is the one album that is a must have for any country music collection!

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(This review was printed in the November / December 2018 issue of Strictly Country Magazine.)

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