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Loretta Lynn Image used with permission

Full Circle

Loretta Lynn


2016 - Loretta Lynn Enterprises.  I absolutely love Ms. Loretta with her unique and down home vocals.  There will never be another entertainer like Ms. Lynn.  However, I question this album.  Granted the project is hypnotic and masterful in pure recording, however this album contains too many covers.  One of these covers is the ever popular song “Always On My Mind” that was originally recorded by Gwen McCrae and Brenda Lee in 1972 and was made famous by Elvis Presley and later by Willie Nelson.  She also includes a cover of a T.Graham Brown song called “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” as well as a Don Cherry 1955 hit with “Band of Gold.”  Throughout her career, Ms. Lynn has performed and worked with June Carter Cash and grew up with the Carters.  Therefore, she shows her appreciation with covers of A.P. Carter’s songs “Black Jack David” and “I Never Will Marry.” Perhaps the best of the covers is her beautiful rendition of Doris Day’s 1953 song for the musical Calamity Jane with “Secret Love.”  Ms. Lynn performs this classic song with such heart and soul, its as if she wrote the song herself.  Amongst the covers the listener will find five Loretta Lynn originals.  The album opens with a fun introduction of Ms. Lynn talking about the first song she ever wrote called “Whispering Sea” then is followed by the musical portion of the song.   Ms. Lynn teamed up with Lola Jean Dillion to write “Who’s Gonna Miss Me?” Performed as a traditional country ballad with a hint of Bluegrass; this one is sure to hit our list of Top Songs of 2017 while earning a nomination for The Spirit Award’s Song of The Year Award.  Loretta includes her ever popular hit song “Fist City;” which was her second Number 1 Hit in 1968.  Loretta teams up with Todd Snider to write “Everything It Takes.”  She gains the help from Elvis Costello as a background singer to add a bit more to this song.  The album closes with “Lay Me Down.” Written by Mark Marchetti, in this one Loretta gains the help from Willie Nelson.  Although there are many songs of the same title, this one is new and is brought to life by two great legends.  However, the song is missing a guitar solo by Trigger.  In the end, the album is beautifully recorded.  However, when you have the talents of Ms. Loretta Lynn—why would you create an album filled with covers? Plus, I do not understand the title? Perhaps it is due to the fact that she has worked with the entertainers whom she includes the covers of their songs? That I do not know—but it sure would have been nice to hear a new song written by Ms. Lynn with that title. This is an album that is inviting and soulful, nonetheless it contains way too many covers.  I score it high due to Ms. Lynn’s vocal capability and the respect I have for her extensive talents. However, it should be scored low due to the vast amount of covers.  $$$$

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