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Strictly Country Wynonna Judd And The Big Noise title

Photograph used with permission.

Wynonna & The Big Noise

Wynonna & The Big Noise


2016 - Curb Records.  The one thing that I dislike about Wynonna Judd is that she has had to reinvent herself so many times since her departure from The Judds.  The reason for this is the fact that the industry refuses to look at her the way her fans do.  What we at Strictly Country see in Wynonna is one very talented entertainer.  If you haven’t had the chance to see Ms. Judd perform live, then you haven’t witness what real true talent is. Wynonna is a stylish entertainer who draws deep within her soul to perform.  Her live performances are not performances per se, it’s more of an experience.  With that, the country music industry as a whole really needs to stop banning entertainers who begin their career one way and then move on in another direction as Ms. Judd has done.  Each year, many very talented artists leave due to this lunacy.  Nonetheless in the case of this album, Ms. Judd reinvents her style to a more progressive Americana style.  However, hidden deep amongst the recesses of this album one can still hear the Wynonna Judd we all have come to know and love.  It is found in the songs that she performs with pure passion, heart and soul.  Songs that include a passionate soulful song with “Things That I Lean On.”  Another song you will find the real Wynonna in is “Keeps Me Alive.” The notes of this song are rich in deep complexity, in which Ms. Judd is able to hit each with ease.  Perhaps the best song on this album is “Jesus And A Jukebox.”  Performed in a Judds-esk melody and mentality, this song is a well written story song that is brought to life by her passionate vocals.  These three songs may end up on our list of Top Songs of 2017, while earning a nomination for the Spirit Award’s Song of The Year Award.  As for the rest of the songs, they are masterly recorded.  However, they lack the emotionally-rich passion that we have come to rely on when it comes to Ms. Judd’s music. She opens the album with “Ain’t No Thing” and closes with “Choose To Believe.”  Other songs include “Cool Ya,” “You Are So Beautiful,” “Every Ending (Is A New Beginning),” and “You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast.”  When I look back on this album, each of the songs are progressive and some what experimental.  As a whole, I must commend Ms. Judd on her exhilarating versatility in music.  Most of all I have a sense that she is still trying to find herself within her music, when all a long she has been right there with her pure and tender sophistication.  She is worldly when it comes to musical styles and she is not afraid to use her well rounded wisdom.  She is a trailblazer, much like Elvis.  The only difference is—Elvis had the popular backing.  Where Wynonna just struggles.  If only the industry would hear and see the Wynonna Judd that we know… As for this album, it’s really a toss up and I have taken my time to listen to it over and over to see if I missed anything.  Although, I highly suggest the three songs that I mentioned. $$$-$$$1/2

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